Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Football: This Sunday is the latest game of all games for the Dallas Cowboys. They’re 3-5 with everything on the line. Is that enough to motivate them? Only time will tell.

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:Match Info:
Event: NFL Football Game
Team: Cowboys vs Eagles
Date: Sunday, November 11, 2018

The last time that we saw these two teams square off in a game of significance was November 19th of last year. That game ultimately wound up as a loss for the Cowboys, the worst loss in AT&T Stadium’s history.

Tonight,the Dallas are on the road. What will happen? Will it be epic? Will it be fun? Whatever it is, it’s surely going to be something special. Here are BTB’s five bold predictions.
The Dallas Cowboys break 17 points offensively

Through 4 road games this season the Cowboys have yet to score more than 17 points on the road. That’s not good and it’s certainly not a formula for victory as they have yet to win away from AT&T Stadium.

Whether it comes in legitimate time or garbage time, the Cowboys are going to break 17 points this particular Sunday. The offense has been the criticism of the world for weeks on end now, if they fail to do this yet again they’ll have reached a truly new low.
Jason Garrett will win two challenges in Philadelphia

People are still unsure exactly why Jason Garrett threw the challenge flag on Monday night against the Tennessee Titans, but hey the past is the past.

Weird things happen in Philadelphia, really weird things. This night is so weird that the Philadelphia Eagles have a Super Bowl banner hanging in their stadium for crying out loud. It doesn’t get any weirder than that.

There’s no explaining what will happen tonight, and that’s why Red Ball is going to win two red challenge flag moments.
Amari Cooper has more receptions than Golden Tate

The last time that these two teams met, which was also in Philadelphia, the only touchdown of the game was scored by the wide receiver for the Cowboys that wore number 19 (shout out Brice Butler). We highlighted this in our YouTube preview of the game (subscribe to our re-launched channel here).

The Cowboys got to break in their new wide receiver last week and did so to a nice degree. Philadelphia is anxious to debut Golden Tate, and would you believe that he’s also wearing number 19 just like Amari and Brice?

Golden Tate will probably be used more effectively by Philadelphia than Amari will by Dallas, but Tate also plays in an offense with far more mouths to feed. This should be Amari’s night in terms of straight comparison to Golden Tate.

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